Be Smart - Go Green with SchuylerSmart Technology - Albany's first smart apartment community

What is SchuylerSmart?

The SchuylerSmart technology integration at Schuyler Commons gives you unparalleled connectivity in your apartment and across the entire community.

Along with high-speed wireless internet access, SchuylerSmart includes a Wink Smart Hub, ecobee smart thermostats, and Schlage Smart door locks in every apartment. The best part? You can add and integrate over 300 additional smart products to your new home. Some of the most popular options are:


Voice Activated Smart Speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home)


Security Cameras

Smoke/CO2 Detectors


SchuylerSmart TagArtboard 1-8
SchuylerSmart TagArtboard 1-8

Benefits & Features

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

Save on Energy Bills

ecobee thermostats and smart led lighting have been shown to save up to 23% on energy bills.

Convenience and Accessibility

Utilizing smart home technology and voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa simplify many of your daily tasks.

More Security

With smart door locks, optional security cameras and window sensors, your home will be more secure.

Energy Efficiency

Better efficiency in your home provides significant benefit to the environment by reducing your overall consumption.

The SchuylerSmart App

A centralized hub for controlling all of your SchuylerSmart products.

Save Energy

Monitor your homes energy consumption and adjust it to optimize efficiency and cost. Good for the environment and your wallet!

Smart Convenience

Control your smart apartment, get community news, and pay your rent, all in one place, right on your smartphone.

Better Access

Use the App to quickly add, change, or reset lock codes on your front door. Have relatives coming for the weekend? Give them easy, temporary access.

Your Apartment, On Your Schedule

From your app, you can set and maintain schedules for your smart products. Set your thermostat to warm up your apartment at 7:00 am and cool it down at 4:30 pm. Automatically dim your lights at bedtime, or set them on a schedule while you are away.

Easy to Use

Our app's clean and simple design provides you with a quick, easy tool for controlling all of your smart products. 

Add More Devices

Want to add new lightbulbs? Smoke detectors? Security Camera's? We can help you integrate hundreds of smart products.

Download the App


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